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Origami Yoda

MERIT BADGE #3: Pop-Up Padawan!

I’ve folded a lot of Paper Star Wars, but when it comes to POPUPs… I’m just a PADAWAN.

THE MASTER is… Matthew Reinhart. He’s the artist who makes the Pop-Up Star Wars books and he is absolutely amazing!

He’s also very generous in sharing his knowledge! His youtube videos are full of the most INCREDIBLE INSTRUX ever seen.

So, your challenge this week is to select a Matthew Reinhart tutorial. And then actually do it. Follow along and make your own! Then post it here and… you earn Merit Badge #3!

You may want to start with a pretty simple Pop-Up if you’ve never done one before. Maybe this:

Or, if you’ve done some Pop-Ups before, you could try his MASTER CLASS!

Whatever you make, get a good picture of it and submit it with the words: POP UP BADGE and your SF name in the title!

Are you up for the challenge?