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Merit Badge 1 Showcase – continued

Hey hey hey! Here are all the folks who finished the badge! And just in time, BADGE 2 goes live very soon!


SuperFolder Foldolorian_27

This is my resubmit for the first merit badge. Sorry, Tom!! I forgot to write it down. Sorry I haven’t posted the ahsoka instrux yet. WHAT IS GOING ON WITH ME?!?!

SuperFolder PjoHpHooToA — No image, but BADGE EARNED! (long story)

SuperFolder Old_Skywalker358

Here’s my name!(I made it up, ALL OF IT!)

SuperFolder Fortunewookie2255

Sorry, I guess that I didn’t see that rule. Anyway, here is my name, Endon Emeyer, written out!

SuperFolder Brickmadboy

Rawyeno i couldnt fing much but spot the hidden poffesion
By the way tomorow i will post my truck driver from the bad batch (4:00 bst)


ya its a REDO

SuperFolder leia_skyfolder

I decided to mix 2 Star Wars names from 2 role play studios I’m in on Scratch, Samé Benderii (in The Clone Wars RP) and Brooklyn Sarlo (in The High Republic RP). I was going to do Brooklyn Sarlo, but Brooklyn isn’t Star Wars name. I added a shadow thing to make it look better, since it wasn’t that good before. Excuse my (slightly) “bad” writing.

SuperFolder Origami_Master53

Hey Tom and Sam I rewrote the Merit Badge on paper this time! Here it is! (I am sorry if it is blurry!)

Congratulations! Here’s the badge again…. You SFs earned it!

If you missed out, don’t worry YOU DIDN’T MISS OUT! There’s no time limit!
Read all about it here: https://origamiyoda.com/2021/05/summer-challenge-superfolder-merit-badges/