Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda


SFs!!!! Well, it took a little while, but we’re finally here: The second Merit Badge SHOWCASE!

Since we’re already running two weeks behind, let’s get right to the SILLY WALKS! Everybody you see walking sillily below has earned MERIT BADGE #2! CONGRATULATIONS, you have levelled up!!!

In no particular order:

SuperFolder guillermo

Hey superfolders! I got my USA pillow while I did this.
Still got the moves

SuperFolder Emperorpapertine177

This is for the silly walk badge, or badge number 2.

SuperFolder StookySuperGuy

This is my post for the silly walk badge!

SuperFolder Stookyyoda565

The way to do my silly walk: so,what you do is you lift your knee up to your chest and you lean your head down close to the knee but not touching. Now place you foot down a little in front of you but not much. Now lift your other knee up to your chest and so on. It’s basically walking but every you pull your knee up and Lean your face close to it. Take 3 steps like that then turn around backwards. Now it’s pretty much the same thing but once you pull your knee up you take a step backwards. Take 3 steps like that then turn forwards and so on. You keep repeating that again and again.

SuperFolder Rex_501

Badge #2

SuperFolder yodapez

Just follow the steps.

SuperFolder Old_Skywalker358

 i still wore a Halloween mask in case my face was shown

SuperFolder Commander_Tano

If you’re ever in a bad mood, try stomping around like dinosaur Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes.

Tom says: wow, that’s a lot of origami!

SuperFolder origamiahsoka123

Step one take a step but make it hit your butt (hee hee!)
Step two do same thing as step one but on opposite sides.
Step three put your left leg in front of yourself
Step four do the same thing as step three but with your right leg and instead of putting your leg in the front of you put it in the back of you! See you guys soon!

SuperFolder Stooky_Chewie_GJ

Took me a while to perfect it, but I finally got my silly walk down!

SuperFolder ForceFolder1

Here’s my silly walk for the badge. Sorry if the picture is a bit blurry.

SuperFolder DarthZackB

The mask is from V for Vendetta.
P.S. My birthday is in one week from Wednesday.

SuperFolder ahsokaawesome16

So I know it’s been a while since I posted but I’m back! I am Ashoka awesome6 btw. I have a lot today. 5 songs 2 with lyrics,my Star Wars name,and silly walk. Here is my name with the alphabet of Star Wars.😂 you will die from my bad lyrics, they are so bad it hurts.next is yep you guessed it, the songs.

note: AhsokaAwesome6’s Silly Walk was so silly, we are showing their Cantina Band songs instead…. for your safety!

Great stuff!!! Wish we could see them all being performed… maybe at a SF Con someday! until then… tune in soon for the NEXT merit badge challenge!!!