Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda


UPDATE: SUBMIT BY MIDNIGHT SATURDAY NIGHT. Showcase will go live on Sunday.


Hey SFs! are you enjoying the Bad Batch???

Not only is the show going down a very interesting path… it’s also offering us some very interesting HELMET VARIATIONS!!!! And you know how we love helmet variations around here!!!!

Submit 1 helmet. Submit 5 helmets. Anything you want is fine as long as it’s BAD BATCH related. (OMEGA is welcome, too, of course!)

Bonus points for getting the details right and TRIPLE bonus points if the helmet comes off to reveal the Hunter, Tech, Wrecker, Echo or Crosshair.

So… let’s see what you can do!

SUBMIT your origami helmets to Sam with the words BAD BATCH and your SF NAME in the TITLE!

Did you see the uppercase letters in the last sentence? Go back and read those words! Let’s impress Sam by actually submitting correctly this time!