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Origami Yoda


Nine years ago — April, 2012 — I was working on the fourth book in the Origami Yoda series. You know… Foldy Wan Kenobi Vs. The Funtime Menace.

Don’t believe me? Here’s the proof:

As I made progress on the book, I would email it to myself as a back-up.

If I remember right, I was also travelling to promote another book. AND trying to run the website at the same time. To make things easier, I had it set up so I could email your photos to the site and it would post them automatically.

Can you see where this is headed? YEP! I emailed my copy of book 4 to the website by mistake and the whole thing got posted months and months before the book was set to come out!! I think it may have automatically gone out as a link in a tweet too!!!!

It was a bad day for me.

But lucky for the SFs who happened to log in and see it before I found out about it.

SF JC (Who starred as Harvey in the youtube series) remembered it this way:

 That was a crazy day for us SuperFolders, too!
I remember finding that post on the website and thinking, “Wow, Tom’s really giving us a HUUUGE sneak peek of his next book!”
But something seemed off about the whole thing, so I held off from posting about it on the OYEU…but that didn’t stop a few other SuperFolders from posting. (Oops!)
After that, I saw your next post. If any SuperBloggers were posting Origami Yoda 4’s document online, they needed to delete those posts as soon as possible. As C-3PO would have said, “shut them all down!!!”

I took it down and begged everybody to keep it all secret, including the book’s cover star: FOLDY WAN!

So, at one point a lot of people knew that Foldy Wan was the next cover star… but then he never showed up!!!

So, what happened to him FOLDY WAN????? Read on to find out….

Recently, I got this question: from SuperFolder Brooksfoldmaster10:

“Hey Tom did you not make the Foldy Wan book because of the Disney buyout?”

It’s a good question, but the answer is no. All of this happened before Disney entered the picture.

The real answer is this. There was so much stuff I wanted to put in the book that it stopped working as two books. So I decided to split it into two books, Jabba and Foldy Wan.

But then when it actually came time to put the second book together…. The Princess took over! (Just like in the movies!)

If you think about it, it works a LOT better this way. Foldy Wan was already a character, so making him the star of book 5 would have been kind of anti-climactic. And Princess Leia’s appearance really disrupted everything — in a good way!

Plus, this sort of smoothed over the Foldy Wan leak, since now there were still some surprises in store for the SFs!

SF JC AGAIN:  I remember anxiously waiting for the Foldy-Wan cover to drop as a part of the press release for Book 4, only to be completely blindsided by…JABBA?!? That was a totally stooky surprise I never would have seen coming!

PS: Here’s another secret: The Crab Soccer chapters? I originally wanted them to be an ENTIRE BOOK!!! But my editor said no. And she was probably right, because I think they make great chapters… but might not have made a very good book.

PPS: SF JC grew up and became an author, too!