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i-ready saga continues…

It looked like a NEW HOPE… but then the EMPIRE STRUCK BACK!!!

Here’s PaperYodaIsReal2021’s original post, two responses and then the tragic follow up…. and then another New Hope? Also, a useful poster!

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I heard about the I-Ready Rebellion, but I can’t join because my class already defeated it (kinda)! Woo Woo! Last year, my class used Aleks (a math website) but then this year they replaced it with I-Ready! I was like, “Pikpok Pete!!!!!!!!” because Aleks isn’t the best thing in the world, but it doesn’t nosssssssstrul like I-Ready. Anyway, in November or something my classmate’s mom got him his own Aleks account because he loved it so much, so my teacher tried to find out how she could get everyone Aleks accounts again and….. the older kids (who got Aleks accounts for some reason) had 20 extra Aleks accounts! So my teacher talked it over with the school principal, and they took away I-Ready for our class! So now, my class is having fun doing Aleks while the other classes sit painfully doing I-Ready. So that’s how my class defeated I-Ready (kinda)!

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Just so you know you can join the rebellion even if you don’t do I-Ready. Also, I wonder if we could use the method your class (accidentally) used?

To PaperYodaIsReal2021

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I read your post about I-ready and wanted to tell you to still join the rebellion! You don’t have to use I-Ready and you school DOESN’T EVEN NEED to use I-Ready. I don’t use I-Ready and I am still in it. Maybe you could try getting rid of I-Ready from the WHOLE school! I hope this makes you decide to join! -Origami_Master53

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Hey guys. I changed my mind, I do want to join the iReady Rebellion because it turns out my class did NOT defeat iReady after all. Yesterday, my teach told us to get onto iReady! Before, she said iReady was being replaced by Aleks! But now it’s back! It just won’t die, kinda like Darth Maul! Anyways, I made this poster for people who are going to school in-person and willing to maybe get in a little bit of trouble. Print out a few copies, and then hang them around your school in places you think people will see them. Then, after a few days, go and get them. If a teacher spots an iReady poster, they could get mad, so you might get in a bit of trouble. But, hopefully, it’ll be worth it! Bye for now, PaperYodaIsReal2021 P.S. My character is just an origami version of me. I’ll post a picture soon…

Throw I-Ready into the Sarlacc Pit

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I-Ready is horrible, check out prodigygame.com.