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How To Write Origami Yoda-ish Stories…

Here’s a really good question from a SF:

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Good day, Mr. Angleberger, I was wondering if you could give me advice, see, with my SFC stories I attempted to emulate some of the magic that made your books so great while also adding my own style to things, so, do you have any tips for improvement?

And here’s an answer from me:

I LOVE it when people write their own Origami Yoda stories… or venture into new territory like they do at the OY EU site.

Here’s the MOST important thing to remember: The stories are not “written” they are told. Think about Kellen telling his story about the Embarrassing Stain. He’s telling it into a recorder. (And then poor Tommy has to go through it and actually write it all down.)

So you need to let the stories just flow out in the voice of the character. An easy way to start is to have a character whose voice is just like yours. If you’re successful with that, then you could try telling a story in the voice of someone you know. Do you ever do imitations of someone? Well, if you do it to their face, you may be a jerk. But if you do it in a book… you may be a great writer!!!