Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

Upgrading Your Origami (starring SF Commander_Tano.)

Here’s something I LOVE to see! A SuperFolder has gone back and redone their original origami. In this case, the first wave was pretty darn good, but the second wave… WOW!!!

Most of the origami that you see from me is NOT my first try. Maybe not even my second or third. And of course my books often go through many versions and revisions before they get to you. (That’s why the star of Origami Yoda is Dwight and not… Dennis!)

If you try it, I think you’ll be surprised at how much you can improve what was already good!

FROM SuperFolder Commander_Tano:

It’s been a while since I folded the original 6 Avengers (in August)…and I’ve folded 39 more since then. I even decided to redo Black Widow, Iron Man, Thor, Hawkeye, Captain America, Hulk, and Loki. I think they look much better in the new version (second image) say Epic! if you agree 😀