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Questions and Answers

Hey SFs… I got a nice note here with a bunch of questions. Some of these I have answered before, but maybe a long time ago… So here are fresh answers!

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Hi Mr. Angleberger!

The Origami Yoda series is my favorite series of all time, so I really want you to write more books! And an idea for a new book could be all the main characters go to summer camp! And Dwight could make a baby Origami Yoda OR Micah could also go to camp, bringing Origami Yoda with him!

TOM: Yes! That would be awesome!!! (I can’t write it, but YOU can!)

It would also be stooky if you make another How To case file. I think it would be awesome to see another Origami Yoda book! I also have some questions for you:

1.) What are some tips for making original origami? How do you usually come up with new folds?

TOM: If it’s not a human character, I usually focus on just ONE feature — like Yoda’s ears or R2’s dome. Then when I get that, I use it as sort of a base and see if other features — like Yoda’s robe or R2’s legs — can be folded from unused corners or flaps.

2.) Where did you come up with the idea of FUNTIME? The overall idea is based on these Standards of Learning tests, which I do not like at all. But Professor Funtime and Gizmo were based on an “educational” video I saw. The same actor had made some better videos, but on this one he had a CGI sidekick and it made everything TERRIBLE!!!

3.) What are some of your new books coming out?

TOM: Next year I will have 2 DJ FunkyFoot books come out. They’re part of the growing Inspector Flytrap Universe.

I’ll also have at least one Geronimo Stilton Graphic Novel.

AND the Disney Graphic Novel that I wrote called Doorways to Danger starring Donald Duck, Scrooge, Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, Huey Dewie and Louie, Goofy and more!

And I have a couple of Top Secret projects that I will hopefully be able to share with you or at least tell you about in 2021. (Not OY books, alas!)

4.) Could you write another Rocket and Groot book?

TOM: It doesn’t look like it. I was working on book 3 when I heard from my editor that it was getting shelved. Since then no one has every suggested taking it off the shelf.

5.) Where can I find the Superfolder File in OY?

TOM: The SuperFolder File is a book of blank paper that comes with a boxed set of the book. It was available at CostCo, but I don’t know that it still is. it really is nothing but blank paper!

Thanks for reading these questions!