Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda


SuperFolders!!! Today’s a HUGE day!!!! Definitely one of the biggest in OY.com’s 10 year history!!!

We have TWO mega events going on at the same time! (Plus, it’s the end of 2020 which was so bad Murky is inventing a new word for it!)

FIRST: ALL DAY there will be new STOOKINESS — that means origami, art and awesomeness made by you SFs — as we finally catch up with your AMAZING submissions! Hang on tight and get ready to see a LOT of origami today! (Then tomorrow come back for FRESH, just submitted stookiness for the first time in…?)

SECOND: Tonight, SuperFolders from all over will join together to fold for a GREAT cause. If they can fold 1,0000 origami [TOPSECRET] figures as a team, they will raise $1,000 to fight COVID around the world.

To be clear, anonymous donors have offered to donate $1,000 to Doctors Without Borders IF you SFs can fold 1,000 origami Star Wasr figures by midnight. Tom will announce WHICH Star Wars character to fold at 8pm EASTERN time tonight.

STAY TUNED and check out SuperFolder Stookiness ALL DAY!