Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

New Year’s Eve FOLD-A-THON to Fight Covid! JOIN US!


SFs! It’s the return of the FOLD-A-THON!!!

It’s time for you to join together and use your origami skills for good!

Three years ago, SFs were challenged to raise $1000 to help with earthquake relief by folding 1000 yodas — AS A TEAM!

This year, the FOLD-A-THON is back to help fight COVID around the world!

BUT this time the challenge has a special time limit… MIDNIGHT, Dec. 31st.

Here’s how it works…

On New Year’s Eve I’ll tell you WHAT to fold! (We did EZ Yodas last time, but we may change it up a bit this time…)

You can fold as many as you want to. Maybe 1, maybe 100! Then you send in a picture BEFORE MIDNIGHT! (This means MIDNIGHT wherever you are.)

If we can hit the goal by midnight…. $1,000 is donated to Doctors Without Borders, which is battling COVID and many other problems around the world.

CAN WE DO IT?????? 

Tune in, fold fast and find out on NEW YEAR’S EVE!