Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

FOLDATHON PROGRESS = 1029 Baby Yodas!!! CHALLENGE COMPLETED!!! $1000 earned by SUPERFOLDERS for COVID battle!!!

SFs!!! YOU DID IT!!!!!!

You did it after I went to bed, but… YOU DID IT!!!!

You folded 1,000 (and an extra 29) Baby Yodas to unlock a $1,000 donation to help Doctors Without Borders fight COVID!!!!!

(I checked with the anonymous donors and they are happy to add the extra $29 to the donation!)

WOW, that was a lot of folding! Great work!!!!!! You ended a bad year by doing something good!

Before you scroll down to see the 1,000 Baby Yodas, remember this: The Force Will Be With Us… Always!

Okay, now you can scroll down and don’t forget to check for FRESH Stookiness later today!

SuperFolder OY_JASE

I folded from 8 to 10 to get the result of 123 baby yodas /grogus it’s almost too much to look at none of them are ones I submitted yesterday I could not have done it without my sister (who drew the faces) ,dad , and mom .

Mr. Tom can I still submit something today even if I already did for this?

SuperFolder Emperorpapertine177

There are 22 baby yodas some of them are kirigami and if you except yodas I have 13

SuperFolder Generalgreivous8642

Here is my third and final batch of yoda.

SuperFolder Origami_baby_yoda52

Was hoping to do more

SuperFolder OY_JASE

I spent about 52 minutes them covid 19 soon will be facing 1,000 $ of opposition

SuperFolder Cowcowfoldyfoldy

My 21 baby yodas

SuperFolder darthshivious1234

this is my baby yoda for the foldathon this year

SuperFolder SonicTheHedgefold10

This is my first post on here. even tho you see 5 big baby yodas and 1 small yoda, each big one = 4 and 4 x 5 = 20 and 20 + 1 = 21

SuperFolder Stookyyoda565

WHOO-HOO! Just finished folding 54 baby yodas for the foldathon! Hopefully we reach 1000! That would be every murkyism x 1000!!!!!! Also the finale of the countdown! Today we have GRAND ADMIRAL THRAWN! And a big banner with a bunch of origami on it! Whoo! 2021 SF’s!!!!!!!! Bye! See ya’ll in 2021!

SuperFolder stookiestorm41408

Happy New Year!!!!

SuperFolder Fortunewookie2255

Here’s my one dozen. 12

SuperFolder fizzpop_porg99

Here’s 10 more baby Yodas to help!

SuperFolder Maxrefold

This is 11more baby yodas!

SuperFolder yodapez

Me and my sister (unicornashoka120) made 62 baby yodas together.

SuperFolder soapyisnostrul1909

See you guys in 2021!

SuperFolder Origandalf

Me and my sister folded 52 baby yodas ( not including the grand man himself)

SuperFolder Vaderssocks11

These are my yodas, the one with the arms are original.

SuperFolder hanBolo

It’s already Jan 1st here but
2 help 🙂
(sorry don’t have much tho I have homework :()

SuperFolder ChocolateChipPanda

My mom has made 5 baby yodas for the collection. I folded 25 which are in my brother origandalfs post

SuperFolder Stooky_Chewie_GJ

“We have 21 units ready, with many more well on the way.”

I know that’s not the exact quote but I don’t have a million sheets of paper to fold. Here’s my 21 Baby Yodas, who unfortunately have no color. Stay tuned, because I’ll probably make more.

SuperFolder CaptainRex7088

My sister and I folded 36 Baby Yoda’s for The Foldathon!

SuperFolder SuperStarWarsFan

Here are my yodas

SuperFolder moose1

25 baby Yoda’s wish it could be more but my family had some stuff planned tonight. hope it’s enough! fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!!

SuperFolder stookiestorm41408

My family wanted to help! They are not Superfolders but they are amazing people. 56 Baby Yodas with their help!

SuperFolder SuperStarWarsFan

Here are 18 yodas

SuperFolder Stookyyoda565

25 more baby yodas!

SuperFolder dominosquad2020

I’m sorry but I tried here I have made 9 baby Yodas . Happy New Year everybody!

SuperFolder Origami_Master53

I made 30 Baby Yoda’s tonight!

SuperFolder BobaFold1212

These are my (slightly rushed) Baby Yodas for Fold-A-Thon! nuff said.

SuperFolder Stookyyoda565

8 more baby yodas. Hope we can get that 1000!

SuperFolder Stooky_Chewie_GJ

I decided to make 22 more, so that brings me to a total of 53! The other 21 were already added to the count, so only 22 more need to be. My hands hurt, so I’m gonna call it a night, but good luck to everyone else folding!!!

SuperFolder ewok_origami77

Here are my 75 baby Yodas!! I really hope we get to 1000!!!!

SuperFolder SuperStarWarsFan

24 more

SuperFolder FelixSkywalker

I wish I could do more but at least I did some.
Glad I could help with this!

SuperFolder Stookyyoda565

Another 8.

SuperFolder Generalgreivous8642

I spent 30min on these totally rushed yodas

SuperFolder Generalgreivous8642

These were rushed