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Origami Yoda

The DISHES … Wash them you should, hrmm?

When I look back on all the advice that Origami Yoda gave over all the books, I often think the advice OY gave Mike to HELP WASH THE DISHES may be the best.

And it works at home, too, not just in church youth groups or camp. And it ESPECIALLY works on T’giving!

So, instead of slinking away to play Minecraft. VOLUNTEER to help wash the dishes. If your family has a dishwasher (mine doesn’t) then you can at least help pre-rinse or put away the dishes after.

It’s a lesson I learned myself from spending many T’givings at Cece’s parents house. After dinner, Cece’s sister, Sarah, and I would head for the kitchen to start washing the MOUNTAIN of dirty dishes. It was a lot of fun and became the best part of the day.

This year, we aren’t going to have Thanksgiving with Cece’s parents or her sister, either. But, I’ve already started washing dishes here at home!

I hope you SFs have a great day and a safe one, too.

This is the TENTH Thanksgiving since OY came out and I am so thankful to all of you for reading my books and sending me pictures of the AMAZING stuff you make!

And if you have some free time after washing the dishes, check out the next post: How to Draw Cassie’s STAR WARS UN-Turkeys!