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Origami Yoda

Making a WISHLIST?

Hey SFs! If you’ve got relatives asking you what you want for LifeDay…. (Or any other holiday)… here are some ideas.

Of course, I have to mention first that you can get SIGNED books by me and Cece from our local Toy/Book Store, Imaginations. Details are here.

But I also have some book suggestions for you by other authors.

Now, your relatives can easily order these from Amazon, but it’s also pretty easy to order from your local independent bookstore. And, esp with this pandemic, your local store could probably use the help! The info is probably on the store’s Website or HERE. I order from my local bookstore all the time. It’s easy!!!

Ok… Here are some suggestions, with links for ordering them from an indie!

STAR WARS ORIGAMI 2! by Chris Alexander! YEP, the origami master who brought us the original Star Wars Origami has a new book!

Star Wars Doodle book!

SHAKESPEARE’s Star Wars Trilogy! or maybe just the one based on your favorite Star Wars movie. These books are AMAZING!!!

Heck, why not just type STAR WARS into the search engine and see what comes up?

And here is the series that carries my HIGHEST POSSIBLE recommendation: The Chronicles of Prydain by Lloyd Alexander. Absolute masterpiece! A 5-book series that I read when I was a kid and have reread as an adult.

A newer series which I also love begins with the book: WHERE THE MOUNTAIN MEETS THE MOON.

And, of course, LIZARD MUSIC is a MUST READ!

Some of you older SFs probably need to read: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

And then there’s the book that changed my life: Juggling for the Complete Klutz.