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Origami Yoda

Come Trick or Treating at OrigamiYoda.com!

Alright, SFs… here’s the announcement you’ve been waiting for….

You may or may not be able to trick-or-treat in real life, but you can definitely trick or treat here… and I’m giving out treats!

No, I’m not going to be mailing you a Snickers bar. Sorry. BUT if you send in a photo of your Halloween costume, I’ll draw a picture of you Kellen-style. (Like the one in the picture above!)

IMPORTANT: Do not send in a photo that shows your face or anything that might identify you!

The costume does not have to be made out of origami/paper/cardboard… but it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! You can also send in a picture of a pumpkin you carved or painted. Or just about any Halloween decoration you make.

And if you don’t celebrate Halloween, but you still want to be part of this, send in a picture of something else.


SUBMIT your photo with a TITLE like this: HALLOWEEN SF [your name]


Okay… start making stuff!!!