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Origami Yoda

Suprise Showcase: Bane’s Story in Origami

SFs!! When I saw OldBen_Kenobi’s recent post of an Origami Embo, I realized we could probably find all the other characters from my new Clone Wars Story in the archives. With 20,000+ posts, we’ve got just about everybody from the Star Wars universe! So here’s the story, in origami!

CAD BANE (by Wizard Squirrel) is back in jail!
Boba Fett (by Origami Thrawn) and…
and Bossk (by Fanataic of Cans) want to know what happened. And why he doesn’t have the money he owes them.
So he tells them the story about how he broke out of jail with crime lord Evalo Moral (by My Name is Jeff) and…
Rako Hardeen (Darth Star 101)
It was all part of a plan by the big boss: Count Dooku (by SF Porgfolder)!
But Anakin (by SF JediDoodler ) believed that Rako Hardeen had killed OBI WAN! So he was in hot pursuit, along with his padawan….
Ahsoka Tano! (by Felix Skywalker)
Bane managed to survive long enough to get to Dooku’s fortress. That’s where he found a HORDE (by My Name is Jeff) of other bounty hunters waiting! Dooku was holding a tournament to find the best of a best. WHY?
TO kidnap an old man. But not just any man…. Chancellor Palpatine, leader of the whole galaxy.

Bane’s story is the inside story of the most daring crime in galactic history. But sometimes an insider doesn’t know everything…. and there’s a LOT Bane doesn’t know.

For starters. Rako Hardeen is really…

Obi Wan Kenobi (by SF Andres) in disguise! He’s there to stop Bane, not help him.

And that’s going to make Bane mad…. Real mad!