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Important info from Webmaster Sam about SFCON

Hello SFs! Tom sure is excited about SFcon and I hope you are too!

We are going to announce a time and date soon. I hope everyone will be able to come.

I have a few rules to discuss with you about the Con. The number one rule: Don’t Be a Harvey.

There will be a ZERO tolerance policy for bad behavior. Not only will you be thrown out of the con, but your SF account here on origamiyoda.com will be suspended.

Just treat everyone with respect and remember that we may have a wide range of ages — from kids who just read OY to college students who read OY 10 years ago.

SFCON is going to be fantastic, I think. Tom is working hard to create something way beyond a video showcase.

The last thing we need is to have someone spoil it all in the comments! Or the live chat!

This may sound mean, but trust me — we learned years ago that even here on this site we get trolls, bullies and just plain rude-ness. That is why comments are no longer allowed.

So obviously, no insults, no cussing, no nasty business of any kind. And as Tom announced earlier: No Politics!

I sure hope we can have a nice, fun Con without any trouble or drama! Just treat everybody with respect.