Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

SUPERFOLDER CON 2020!!! (Virtual)

We’ve always talked about having a Superfolder Con, but travel made it impossible. But with Comic Con and every other Con going virtual this year, I figured WHY DON’T WE!!!!

It’ll be a lot like a video showcase, except:

  1. It will be live on Youtube.
  2. You will pick your STOOKIEST single piece of origami to represent you at the Con.

So… pick your BEST origami. Take a NEW photo of it. Make it a GREAT photo that really shows it clearly. Then use PICRESIZE or another app to crop it AND make sure it is rotated correctly. Here’s an example of a great photo:

Mario the Ewok by SF Jishua

Then submit it will SF CON in the title. Don’t mess up the title or your post may not show up on the list!

And I am serious about the one piece rule!!!! Don’t make me kick you out of the convention center!