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Kellen Matters #blacklivesmatter

This post is from 4 years ago….  America still hasn’t fixed itself. In many ways, it’s worse. But you SFs can do better than my generation did… I hope you do.

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SFs… Our country is going through a rough time and it’s hard for me to know what to say. But I have to say something.

We have a rule to keep politics off of this site, but this shouldn’t be political. Three words — Black Lives Matter — that are undeniably true… so why are they political or controversial? I don’t know. I wish they weren’t.

Kellen’s life isn’t worth less than Tommy’s because he’s black. Kellen shouldn’t have to follow a bunch of extra rules because he’s black. Kellen shouldn’t be categorized or profiled or targeted because he’s black.

And Kellen shouldn’t be the only one saying “Black Lives Matter.”

And he isn’t!

This IS a rough time, SFs, but remember love wins, friendships endure and… the Force will be with you… always.