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Origami Yoda

TONS of How-To Videos


I’ve been posting a lot of how-to videos to try to keep you all busy and sane while you stay home.

Like this one:

How to draw a 1 page graphic novel…

But I’m hardly the only one! Here are some videos by other folks you may want to try out… and each of these people has MORE than just this video, so rummage around and find the activity you really want to try!

Cece has made a bunch of How-To draw videos! You may also want to check out her chapter by chapter look at El Deafo. Here’s how she draws out CATS!

Maybe you’d like to see how Jedi Academy author/illustrator Jarrett K. draws YODA… There’s also a new episode where I make a guest appearance!

The amazing Star Wars pop-up artist Matthew Reinhart has Youtube lessons for beginners AND advanced popper-uppers…. I suggest you start here and see where it takes you:

Brandon James Greer is an awesome pixel artist who has been sharing his secrets. Here’s his Mandalorian:

You may know that Grace Lin is one of my very favorite authors! Here book, Where the Mountain Meets the Moon is wonderful! But did you know she can also teach you how to draw a Lucky Chinese Tiger?

And if you want to try something more active… how about juggling? I learned to juggle from a book when I was a kid and it was a life-changing experience. And now with Youtube, it’s so much easier to learn new tricks and stuff! One of my favorite jugglers, Mat Ricardo, is teaching an online juggling course right now!