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Origami Yoda

Webmaster Sam’s Pick and Tip of the Week!

Hey Superfolders! Well, the site is sort of running like normal again. Hopefully it looks normal, behind the scenes it’s gotten really messy!

The good news is the submissions right now are INCREDIBLE! (or AWESOME as Tom would say).

It was tough to pick just one but this one is SO GOOD! And Tom looked at it and said… you guessed it… “AWESOME.”

It’s by Origandalf and here’s what he had to say about it:

SuperFolder Origandalf Hi Superfolders! I’m super excited for ROS. So I made d-0! It’s kind of hard, and you’ll need two paper plates to make it. Also, I’ve heard ROS is 3 hours! Stooky!!!


That brings me to my tip of the week: NEVER EVER EVER get a drink at the movies. First, it’s a rip-off. Second, you’re going to have to hold it for THREE HOURS! Nope.