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Message from Webmaster Sam AND some Talk To Tom

Superfolders… We’re having some kind of problem getting new SUPERFOLDER STOOKINESS submissions to post.

Really sorry about this. Hope to fix it soon. Keep an eye on it and if see SF ZachB’s Cheetos post, you’ll know we’ve fixed it.

In the meantime, I’ll post one of Tom’s TALK TO TOM answers:


FROM: SF Mynamejeff

How come in jabba the puppet it says that Quavondo’s sister was part of the rebellion but in princess label maker it says she hadn’t joined ?

TOM: SF Mynamejeff, you’re good!!! If this was a Marvel comic, you’d win their famous No-Prize!

Here’s what really happened: Quavondo’s sister signed up in the early excitement, but didn’t really want to spend any extra time with her brother, so she never really participated in all of it. Don’t worry: in high school, she’s going to become a real REBEL LEADER… but she just wasn’t that interested in doing what her brother was doing.