Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

AI-Generated Origami Yoda

I fed the opening of OY into an AI storybot made by Botsociety. It wrote some weird stuff about mirrors, but also invented a “Harvey” type voice and came up with an interesting idea for a sequel where a girl (Sara?) uses OY on summer vacation!


The big question is: is Origami Yoda real? I mean, obviously it’s a real piece of paper that looks like Yoda. But is it real? Does it actually use the Force? Or is it just a hoax that fooled a lot of us at McQuarrie Middle School?


If you answered “yes” to that, then you’d probably be right. But it’s important to consider whether the piece of paper is real, or whether a fake made it into the classroom.

First, we need to know which paper Origami Yoda is on. While many students can see the paper, others have difficulty recognizing it because Origami Yoda appears different depending on whether you’re looking at it through a small mirror or large mirror.

So if you’re looking at Origami Yoda from the side and a piece of a real sheet of paper comes out the side, you probably shouldn’t be able to tell anything about the paper’s content, so if you’re wondering if Origami Yoda is real, then you’ll want to look at the large or small mirror to see if you can identify the paper.

If you’re more advanced about spotting Fake Fakes in a class, then you may want to ask a student to hold a mirror up to Origami Yoda and take a picture, or maybe even have a classmate take a picture. You need to be sure that you’ve got someone nearby that will verify that the picture looks the same as you would be able to make from your sight alone.

So why does Origami Yoda get so much attention since a student once told me “I don’t think anyone would have figured it out on their own?”

First, if Origami Yoda is really a hoax, then the student was probably not as advanced as myself. It took me an entire year to figure out that the paper Origami Yoda looks exactly like the real paper it’s based on, and it took the person who told me about the paper Origami Yoda on the last day of school more than two years to figure that out. So it’s possible that no one even bothered to check.

Secondly, Origami Yoda isn’t easy to fake. As you can see on the picture at the top of this page (below the article), Origami Yoda isn’t as large as the small mirror picture at the top of this article. That, combined with the fact that Origami Yoda is a real paper, make it highly unlikely that it’s a hoax.

Also, why did Origami Yoda appear different during the summer vacation of another student? I would have guessed that she was just playing pretend, but then she would have been able to use some of the paper’s unique properties to her advantage.