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TALK TO TOM: Graphic Novel Advice, Toy Story Tags, Marvel vs Star Wars

Hey tom I have a question I am making a graphic novel and I want some advice.


I think it’s awesome that you’re making comics!!!

My main advice, though, is DON’T make a graphic novel. NOT YET!

First, just draw some mini-comics. 4-8 pages. This will give you a chance to learn the basics and just have fun.

It’s a lot easier to finish and it’ll be a lot easier to find someone willing to sit down and read 4 pages than 104 pages!!!

Then, when you’re ready, write a full length comic: 32 pages (ish).

And then someday, tackle that GN.

Remember, I’ve been drawing comics for DECADES and am only now working on my first GNs. And WOW it is lot of work!


I remember in “Toy Story 2” when Al McWhiggin stole Sheriff Woody and Buzz Lightyear failed to rescue him. This is Al’s license plate. It says LZTYBRN, meaning Al’s Toy Barn.
P.S. My favorite part of the movie is when Hamm rapidly changes the TV stations to get to the Al’s Toy Barn commercial because we see the four Pixar short films thst premiered at SIGGRAPH. They are “Luxo Jr.” (Oscar nominee), “Red’s Dream”, “Tin Toy” (Oscar winner), and “Knick Knack”.
P.P.S. The Cleaner’s real name was Geri. He fixed Woody and played chess by himself in the park.

SuperFolder DarthZackB

Thanks, DZB, I didn’t catch that when I saw the movie!!!

I love movie license plates!!!! ECTO1, of course, you probably know. But do you know: KAR 120C?



who do you think would win:
all of star wars vs all of marvel. thanks!



It hurts me to say this… but Marvel wins because of Galactacus.

No wait, maybe Jabba would talk him out of devouring the galaxy!

In that case, I’d give it to Star Wars, because of the space ships.

No wait, Rocket Raccoon would steal/crash the spaceships…