Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

Sam’s Pick and Rule of the Week

Hello, SFs! Sam here. I’m back from vacation and back to picking a pick and posting a rule every week or so.

The PICK you see above is by SF Z1llo_B3ast!
They made origami Godzilla and Kaiju! It’s like Monster Island!

Here’s the details: Top row (l-r): Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, King Kong
Bottom row: King Ghidorah, Destoroyah, Mechagodzilla, Gigan

Stop by SF STOOKINESS and drop a bunch of stookys on his post so he makes more!!!

Now for a rule: Don’t email Tom. It’s not the he minds getting email, it’s that he’s not supposed to. It’s a government regulation that hit a few years back. It was also the reason we changed websites, etc.

So, please just wait for ASK TOM opportunities here. In fact, maybe I can get him to do another Ask Tom soon.