Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

Pickletine’s Last Field Trip…

Overpriced freeze-dried gloop that actual astronauts wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot space stick…. It can only mean one thing…

EMPEROR PICKLETINE RIDES AGAIN… but for the last time.

For reasons I need not go into, I have taken MANY field trips to the National  Air and Space museum. Not just visits, but actual field trips.

Last week, I took what will probably be my last.

Like Mr Good Clean Fun, I was a chaperone, but not a teacher. And like MR GCF, I lost a kid near the Time exhibit. (Turns out he was just in the bathroom)


But if he had been at this exhibit….

… I would have flipped out!!

Ironically, most of the kids I was with had not read (or had forgotten or were not interested in) Emperor Pickletine.

But I enjoyed seeing the scenes one last time!

I may visit the museum again on my own someday, but… probably never on a field trip.

Farewell, Bell x-1…