Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

RISE of SKYWALKER showcase!!!!!

The new Star Wars trailer came out and the Superfolders started folding… because that’s what we do!

Let’s see if we can piece the trailer together with paper….

Up top you see, REY IN THE DESERT folded by SF CadBane! Awesome!

What’s she waiting for?

A tricked out TIE Fighter folded by SF LukeSkyfolder197!!! Who’s flying it? Probably KYLO REN folded by SF CadBane66! (A different SF than SF Cad Bane.)

Scary! What’s he look like under that helmet again?

Let’s take a look at the fantastic artwork of SF Quigon Jack:

WOAH! And speaking of helmets…. didn’t he bust his helmet in the last movie? Yeah, he did, but they fixed it with totally awesome MOLTEN RED STUFF!

Take a look at what it looks like now as folded by SF Paper Tiger 7!

I know right? It’s so awesome! I hope REY has some help!

She sure does! It’s ex-stormtrooper FINN! By SF CadBane and SF FelixSkywalker!

How about droids? Sure! R2 by SF Lubensuper and a new one, DIO, by OrigamiFire9


WAIT…. hear that? That evil cackling laugh? Could it be…. THE EMPEROR (with dI0) by SF FORCEFOLDER1?????


We’ve got a long wait until we find out all the answers!!!! So, plenty of time to FOLD MORE ORIGAMI!!!