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Origami Yoda

BOOKS: 2018, 2019, 2020 — a big change is coming!

HEY SFs!!!
It’s been a wild year and it’s going to be a wild year and the next year will be a WILDER year.
So, here’s a run-down of what’s what.

First off… did you see everything that came out in 2018?

Princess and the Pit Stop and The Mighty Chewbacca are available at stores and libraries everywhere.
Nellie Nutgraf 1 is available only through the online EPIC app. EPIC has a monthly fee is you want to read books at home or your librarian may be able to help you for free at school. (It won’t cost your school anything either!)
And Origami Yoda: Romanian Edition is available… in Romania, I guess!

There should be 4 or 5new books in 2019:

DIDI Dodo 1 and maybe 2. These are spinoffs from the Inspector Flytrap series with illustrations by this awesome illustrator named Jared Chapman. You may have seen his books about vegetables wearing underwear?

Bach to the Rescue! — This is a picture book about Bach… but it’s not a stuffy bio or something as you can tell by ELIO’s amazing drawings!

And Nellie Nutgraf 2 and 3! #2 could be out within the next MONTH!!! On Epic only! Illustrator Gillian Reid is absolutely SMASHING this artwork out of the ballpark. (Actually, she’s from Canada so maybe I should make a curling reference?)

Also, my Return of the Jedi novelization will be out in paperback (if its not already) so you can read it for CHEEP!

Also… really long post alert. Feel free to just wait until 2020 if you don’t want to read all this!

2020 will be the 10th anniversary of Origami Yoda! It has been a wild ten years!
It’s been my dream to have something amazing come out to celebrate … and I’m pretty sure that dream is going to come true!
I’d tell you all about it now if I could because I am pretty excited about it! BUT… as always, there are a lot more people than just me involved in this. In fact this time even MORE people. So I have to take it slow.
But here’s one thing that I have to be clear about: The story of Dwight and Harvey runs from OY to EP and ends there. I do not know what happens to them next… yet. So right now there are NO plans to continue that story. And the truth is…. I think it’s the right ending and I don’t really want to mess with it.
But I DO want to draw like Kellen some more!!! And it looks like I’ll get that chance!

Speaking of drawing like Kellen…
My goal since I was in high school was to write and draw comics.
That is finally becoming a reality!
This is the big change I was talking about. I may be changing from a novelist to a GRAPHIC novelist!

In 2019 I am going to be working on 3 completely different graphic novels. (In fact, I’ve already begun two.)
All 3 will feature characters you have heard of.
One I am writing.
One I am drawing.
And one… is a big team project.
Hopefully, they will all be out in 2020!

And after that, my goal is to both write and draw my own graphic novel. 2021, maybe?

Thank you, SFs, for making ALL of this possible. Without you, I wouldn’t get the chances to make these books. And not only are you the best readers any author could hope for…. you’re folders, drawers and just totally stooky!!!!!!