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News and a Red Alert!

Hey SFs!!

ALERT– We just found an alt-right image on the site. Unclear whether it was posted by a Superfolder(I hope not) or a hacker. This site is under constant attack by hackers and they may have gotten through. If you see any sort of alt-right (racist, sexist, homophobic, white power, pepe, nazi, etc…) image, meme or post, please submit with”RED ALERT” in title to Sam immediately.
That garbage is what Origami Yoda is here to fight!!! And Sam and I will do whatever it takes to keep this site safe from The Dark Side!

Next, sorry for the delay there in getting submissions posted and updated the front page. I took a trip to New York City for the Brooklyn book festival met some great folders taught some people how to fold origami Yoda and met some other authors, including Rita Williams-Garcia!

In other news: stay tuned for details about another fundraiser for hurricane/earthquake relief. This time you fold to increase the amount that origamiyoda.com donates!

Speaking of the earthquake I am hoping to hear from superfolder OrigamiYoda30, Who I think lives in Mexico City. One of the best superfolders and a great instructions maker, he taught us the Spanish word for Stooky: estuqui! Hope you are doing good OY30!