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Origami Yoda

10 Years! 20+ Books! It’s my tenth anniversary as a published author!

Hey SFs!
Here’s a blast from the past! Some of you were still in diapers when my first book came out on (I think) April 10, 2007.

The book was called The Qwikpick Adventure Society and the author’s name was Sam Riddleburger. (That was just me, of course.(No relation to Webmaster Sam))

It was a tough time. Wimpy Kid #1 had just come out

Since then, Qwikpick has been republished under my real name as Qwikpick Paper: Poop Fountain. And two Qwikpick sequels — Rat with a Human Face and To Kick A Corpse — have also come out.

And, I’ve done a mystery (Horton Halpott), a political thriller (Fake Mustache), a Sci-Fi (Fuzzy with Paul Dellinger), a time travel civil war extravaganza (Stonewall Hinkleman with Michael Hemphill), a Star Wars novelization (Return of the Jedi: Beware The Power of the Darkside!) and the three crazeee Inspector Flytrap books with Cece.

Not to mention, two picture books: McToad and Crankee Doodle!

I also did a series of seven books about a kid with a finger puppet!!!!!!!!!!!

It has been a GREAT 10 YEARS!!!!! And you SuperFolders have been a huge part of that!!!! I could not have done it without you!