Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

16,000 SuperFolder Stookiness Posts!!!

Holy Frittatas!!!!! Can you believe we’ve hit 16k?!??!?!!!!

That is a LOT of origami! (Okay, so we know some of the 16k are memes (grrrr) and duplicate posts (ahem) but still!)

To test out the awesome depth of the Stookiness Vault, go over to the search box and type just about any Star Wars character and see if we’ve got them.

4-Lom? Yes! Logray? Yes! Sy Snootles? OF COURSE!

And we’ve got lots of non-Star Wars characters, too. From various Avengers to Dipper to Robocop to Ziggy. WAIT! There’s no Ziggy?
If you think of a charcter we don’t have, then you know what to do…. FOLD IT!