Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda


Here’s the news:

1) Stookiness continues to be really stooky! Make sure you’re checking it to see what the other SFs are doing! For example, check out this Cover Yoda by Francis 64:


2) Inspector Flytrap 3 has launched. I made the silly poster for it above based on a poster for a Hitchcock movie, called The Man Who Knew Too Much.

3) Rocket and Groot 2 is coming soon…. and so is the ROCKET AND GROOT U.S. Tour! I’ll be starting in New York City and travelling across America!

4) Then after resting up a bit, I’ll be heading to IRELAND AND BRITAIN to tell kids over there about Rocket and Groot (and Origami Yoda, I’m sure)!!!!

5) I’m finishing up a book, hopefully, which may even be the first book in a new series. Stay tuned!