Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

Stooktember Hath Ended!

WHEW!!! That was wild! I am so glad we did it! All that origami!! Just incredible.

If you haven’t been following Stooktember, click on SuperFolder Stookiness and just keep clicking and scrolling and check out the HUNDREDS of new posts! One of my favorites is the ONE PIECE Van Jahnke Yoda by ObiJohnKenobi above! Wow! (I would really like to figure out how he did that!)

The great news is that now, when you submit something, it should be posted SOONER rather than LATER!

Webmaster Sam has some tips for posting:

1) Write a CLEAR title, like “My new Origami Jawa!” not “I was bored.” Who is every going to search for “bored?”

2) Get a GREAT photo! Remember the tips Rhondella gave you in ART2D2!

3) Just post it ONCE!

4) If your face is in the photo, I’ll have to delete the photo. SORRY, that’s the rule!

5) DO NOT post random memes, LOL photos, etc…

Okay…. go for it!
And remember… HALLOWEEEN SHOWCASE coming up soon. Fold yourself a costume and join in!