Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

Stooktember almost over!!! But the Stookiness lasts forever!

This has been a wild ride!!! Looking at 100 (or so) pictures of Star Wars origami everyday has been a ton of fun for me and Sam!
Especially when a single photo has 100 origami figures in it, like OrigamiRJs pic above!

SO, click on SUPERFOLDER STOOKINESS and scroll and click until youve had your mindblown!!!!

It’s also exciting to know that soon you guys won’t have to wait so long to get your submissions posted! In fact, some of the Stookiness that went up today wasn’t even that old! It’s going to be great to have up-to-date origami, especialyy with a new Star Wars movie coming out soon! YEEHA!!!!

Sam is going to post some suggestions for HOW TO SUBMIT in the future. I hope you SFs will follow them! Especially the one about writing a CLEAR TITLE for your submission to help the SEARCH BOX find it!
Why spend a week making a WAMPA that no one will ever be able to find because you named it “SORRY FOR THE BAD PICTURE?”