Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

Hang on tight, SFs!!! Stooktember has BEGUN! 100+ new posts EVERY DAY!

IT’S finally happening!
Stooktember means 100+ posts every day… unless Webmaster Sam is trapped in the toilet (again) or something!

The plan here is to UPLOAD the whole enormous backlog of STOOKINESS posts and then start over! Hopefully, the result will be the chance to send in your origami and see it appear on the site in a week instead of two (or more months)!

BUT until we get to that point, don’t miss the incredible posts getting put up on Stookiness every day. The posts are as STOOKY as ever — like SF EmperorPickletine05’s above — they’re just FASTER!!! Get ready to SCROLL DOWN and click NEXT a lot!

Now go click on SUPERFOLDER STOOKINESS … and may the FORCE be with you!