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Origami Yoda

Back from Book Tour! Big News About the Site!

Hey Sfs!
I’m back from the FUZZY AND FLYTRAP tour! Starting at the top, left photo, you can see that I:

*Ran into another person who makes his living with a Yoda puppet!
*Saw the Spanish versions of the books in a store for the first time in Florida!
*Taught hundreds of kids to fold Origami Yoda
*Signed stacks and stacks of Inspector Flytrap, FUZZY and Origami Yoda paperbacks.
*Saw the Cheeto Truck. (I don’t think this is owned by the Cheetos company, I think it’s juts a person who loves Cheetos and/or Chester Cheetah)
*Met SF DarthYoda who gave me an incredible set of Origami Pokemon, plus a lot more! He also gave me instructions for a EZ Rey that’s really clever (and easy!)! Stay tuned for that.

OK, so now that I’m back, I can tell you what Webmaster Sam and I have been cooking up….

You remember the poll about what to do with the giant backlog of Stookiness Submissions?
I asked you SFs what we should do and the results are in: 49% of the votes were to DELETE everything and start fresh.
The runner up with 35% was Increase Speed to 100 posts a week.

Webmaster Sam has an idea for a compromise…Increase the speed to LIGHTSPEED! 100 posts A DAY! Then we start over. This way, we get back on track, yet the posts aren’t deleted and will still be searchable!

And so… Beginning very soon, we are going to celebrate STOOKtember!
Sam and I will put up about 100 new posts EVERY DAY until the backlog is gone!
Then, we’ll put out the call for new submissions and HOPEFULLY those will be posted with days. not months!