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Question for Tom: Is the Qwikpick series fiction or non-fiction?

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I read all 3 of the Qwikpick papers series but now I need to know if they are real. Did you actually find papers written by the characters? Is this partly a true story and you just added more detail? Please answer! I can’t rest until I find out!


Tom Says:

Thanks you VERY much for reading all three.

Like the Origami Yoda books, this is fiction BUT there is a lot of truth mixed in with fiction. For example, just like Lyle, I once got a typewriter for Christmas.

Each of the three main plots is based on something real. Below I’ve provided links to photos taken by people other than me to show that I’m not completely making it up.

The Poop Fountain was DEFINITELY Real! I saw it AND smelled it. You can see photos of the wastewater treatment plant here.

The Rat With The Human Face: a guy I knew worked in that basement and told me that he had seen it. I have been in the basement, too, but never saw it. You can see a photo of the actual building here. (It’s the big stone building)

The Slaveowner Buried Standing Up: This is a local legend. I drive past the site fairly often, including last night! Not much you can see from the road though… You can read more about it here.

And as for that biscuit… it was real AND delicious!

ps: You may have noticed I didn’t answer his question about the actual Qwikpickers: Lyle, Dave and Marilla. Are they real? I’m not saying. You’ll have to decide for yourself after you read the books.