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Origami Yoda

Inspector Flytrap! Our New Series Hits the Stores/Libraries on August 2!

Hey SFs!!! I’m excited to tell you about these new books that I wrote and Cece Bell illustrated (and made cool comics for).

Inspector Flytrap is a plant who wants to be the World’s Greatest Detective. His assistant Nina pushes him around on a skateboard so he can solve crimes. The books are part mystery, part mayhem, part silly business. Actual ALL silly business!
Like in book 2, when a giant fly attacks Washington DC:


Now, honestly, if you’ve read an Origami Yoda book, then Inspector Flytrap is probably below your reading level. But you might like them anyway! Who says you can’t read something quick and fun just for laffs? And, Cece and I crammed these books with stuff we hope will make you laugh!

Like this:

PS: That last one was all Cece’s doing! Don’t blame me!!!