Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

Important! SFs, we need your vote! Big decision about SF Stookiness…

Hello SFs, this is Webmaster Sam.

This is a longish post, but if you are interested in the future of this site, please read it all.

As you know, there is a two month OR MORE wait to get your submissions posted on SF Stookiness.

Tom and I were talking about this and I had an unusual idea: delete the submissions.

Now, wait, don’t panic! Here’s my reasoning:
What we really want is a system where your submissions would go online almost immediately… not 2 months later!

I think that a lot of people come to this site, submit their origami, check Stookiness for a week or so, then leave and never come back. So when their origami does get posted, they never actually see it.

If we deleted the enormous backlog, everyone who has stuck around could resubmit their origami and HOPEFULLY see it a LOT sooner!

Another option is to go into turbo speed and post 100 or more submissions a week until we catch up. HOWEVER: that will take a long time AND there will be so much origami that some really amazing stuff will barely get seen.

Tom suggested we let you SFs vote on this. In the end it will be his decision, but he’d like to hear what you think first.

We can’t do a poll on this site, so please go here to vote!