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Origami Yoda

Celebrate Star Wars Day MayTheFourth with a Kylo-Gami Ren vs. O-Rey-Gami Rey Origami puppet battle! Instructions included!

At last! The origami battle we’ve all been waiting for! Kylogami Ren vs. Origami Rey!!!!

Make Rey, then make Kylo… and recreate that wild battle on Starkiller Base! Or click the How To Fold button on the right to find instructions for many more characters. Use the search box to find even more or visit my youtube channel.

And be sure to click on SUPERFOLDER STOOKINESS to see the amazing stuff Origami Yoda readers are making!!!

Video instructions for Rey and Kylo are below, along with brand new hand-drawn instructions by Kellen (with help from Remi)….



Thanks to SF SonnyL for inspiring these with his excellent Rebel Pilot fold! (You may want to click on them to make them bigger.)

Kylo instructions:

If you want to give Rey a boost, make a BB-Plat…