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Origami Yoda

The Draw Rocket Like Rocket Showcase & Contest!!

Check out that awesome drawing of Rocket by SF Isabella!!!
Don’t worry!!!! You don’t have to draw as good as that to enter the contest… in fact you’re NOT supposed to!
You only have to draw as good (or as bad) as a crazy space raccoon!

If you’ve seen my new Rocket and Groot book, you’ll know that it’s illustrated by Rocket himself!
He’s not bad… for a raccoon… (Although he claims to not be a raccoon, but that’s another story)

Of course, in reality, I drew all those awful pictures myself. And I’d like to help you learn how to draw awfully too!

So here are the instructions for drawing Rocket like Rocket… (you may have to click on them to make them big)


And here are the instructions for entering the showcase and contest:

1) Draw Rocket like Rocket
2) Maybe color him in or draw his buddies, Groot and Veronica, or some crazy robots or whatever else you want to add.
3) Get a GOOD close-up photo of your drawing. (If your bed is visible in the photo, then you’re not close enough)
4) SUBMIT your photo to Webmaster Sam with the word ROCKET and YOUR NAME in the subject. Example: Rocket by SF Tom
5) You’ve got until May 11!!!!!!!

After that, Sam will make it into a Showcase and I’ll choose one entry randomly to win a real (and awesome) prize pack from Marvel/Disney.