Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda


Hey SFs!!!
It’s hard to believe we ever got this far… but Qwikpick 3 is out today.

My Qwikpick series has never been as popular as Origami Yoda. (Not even close.) Qwikpick is the underdog. Which fits because it’s a book about kids who are underdogs.

But they’ve got a lot in common. They’re both my attempt to mash-up my own days as a nerdy kid with things I like (such as Star Wars or Ms. Pac-Man) and things I always wished for (like friends and little adventures). And hopefully I’m able to put it all together to make a funny story.

Additionally, Qwikpick 3 is something of a prequel to Origami Yoda. It tells the back story of the infamous Green Hill Plantation… which actually has a MUCH darker history than just cow poop.

You may recall that Kellen visits the Qwikpick in Darth Paper, so we knew the two series were connected. But this strengthens that connection. But because it’s set about 15 years ago, there’s no chance of Lyle, Dave and Marilla bumping into Tommy, Kellen or Sara.

One more thing I need to say: You may be wondering about the title: To Kick A Corpse. You may be wondering if the book is really about kids trying to kick a corpse. YES. And once you find out WHY they want to kick a corpse, I think you’ll be rooting for them to do it!

I hope you’ll give Qwikpick a try. In fact, I would REALLY REALLY appreciate it if you do. You can start with this book or book 1 and 2 are out in paperback now if you want to read them all.