Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

Rocket and Groot commercial now on DisneyXD! Spot it, submit it and win!

Hey SFs!
Man am I excited about having a commercial on TV for my new book!!! It’s crazy!!!!!

BUt I haven’t actually seen it on TV yet. (I don’t have cable tv)

If any of you see it, take a photo of it on your tv and submit it! The first 5 people to submit it — with the word “commercial” in the subject line — will get to request a doodle of anything they want: Rocket, Groot, OY, Willy the Walking Waffle scuba diving with Justin Bieber, whatever you want. (Go ahead and put your request in your submission. If you’re one of the first five, I’ll draw it and post it.)

BUT… if it’s a nice day outside, don’t spend the whole day staring at the TV!