Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

Year end messages from Tom and Sam… and MR GCF &Soapy!

The Real Mr GCF stopped by to get a selfie with Soapy and say HAVE A HEALTHY NEW YEAR!

Soapy said : @&!&@$!!

Hey SFs!

I’ll have some BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS coming on New Years Day about upcoming books and … the possible return of the Talkzone? (WHAT????!?!?!)




SF Stookiness is really cranking! Wow, we are getting a TON of submissions. Remember … make your submissions count. Don’t upload a random photo just so you can make a comment. MAKE SOME ORIGAMI and upload that and then you can add your message.

And please, make your new year’s resolution to ROTATE YOUR PHOTOS CORRECTLY! Before you snap the photo look at the little camera icon and make sure it is right-side up. THEN snap the photo.