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Origami Yoda

Make an EZ Rocket Raccoon Halloween Costume/Hat

Here are instructions for a super EZ Rocket hat/costume, complete with a tail hanging down in the back. You can be pretty sloppy about this and it will still work out!
These photo instructions are a little more confusing than nice Kellen-drawn instructions, but… Kellen is “busy” right now….


Start with a rectangle of brown paper. You can cut up a paper bag for this or get some brown craft paper from the dollar store.
It doesn’t really matter how tall the paper is, but it should be about 1.5 – 2 times as wide as your head. (The piece I’m using here turned out to be a little two big for me.)

If you want, you can just fold it and color in the black parts with a Sharpie later. But to make it super quick, use some black spray paint…

First, paint the top 5 or 6 inches of the paper.

I missed getting a picture of the next step. Make 3 or 4 stripes across the bottom of the paper. (You’ll see these later in the instructions….)

Now flip it over and paint a little squiggle….


After it dries, lay it down with the squiggle face up and facing toward you.
Fold a bottom corner up. (This should create a BLACK triangle for you.)


Then fold the other corner up to make another BLACK triangle.

Then fold the center point up to be the nose…


Now, fold the corner back, to shape Rocket’s black raccoon mask. Repeat on other side.


Tape everything down. Yes, I know, origami masters don’t use tape. But this has got to have some tape to hold together while you wear it.

Now flip it over…

Fold the top down to create Rocket’s head. (This is also the front of the hat.)

Now we’ll make the ears by folding one corner back….


Then folding the same corner forward again so that it sticks out like an ear…

Repeat for the other ear.
Flip it over and tape the ears in place.

Now to make the tail….
Get some scissors and make a long cut on each side…. but DON’T cut all the way across or you’ll have to tape the tail back on!

Now roll the edges into the center to make the tail. Tape this together, too.

I used some plastic lids for the eyes. But if you can’t find any, just cut some circles out of white paper. Draw a black pupil. Tape them down and you are DONE!