Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

ProTip from Webmaster Sam: It’s important how you name your post… & more

Hello Superfolders!
Webmaster Sam here with an update and some tips.

Sometime in the next couple of days we should be receiving our 11,000th Stookiness Submission! WOW!!!!!
(Actually there have been more, but many duplicates have been deleted. You wouldn’t believe how many duplicates we used to get!)
KEEP THEM COMING! Tom loves seeing them and so do I!

Currently the wait time to have a submission posted on the site is hovering around 2 weeks.

When your turn comes up, I look at the title first. If the title is something like “READ THIS POST” or “hjDjihix,” there’s a good chance I’m just going to skip it and come back to it later. And who knows when later will be… And when I do finally look at it, I’ll be reaching for the delete button as it loads up.

So do yourself a favor, make your title nice and clear. Like this: “SF Sam’s Origami Godzilla.”

Okay… so how are you going to make YOUR submission stand out from the other 10,999?

Make sure your photo is rotated the right way. I stopped rotating them a long time ago. If it comes in upside down then it goes on the site upside down. (Except for Showcases)

Follow Rhondella’s tips for a good photo. (Found in Art2-D2.)

The #1 photo tip to follow… stick a piece of blank paper behind your origami. Anything else that’s in the photo is just going to distract from your work.

Speaking of YOUR WORK, SuperFolder Stookiness is there to display YOUR WORK. So don’t post: somebody else’s work, Tom’s work, random junk from the internet.*
*Random junk from the internet can be dangerous. One time a SF posted a racist photo. I don’t think they realized it was racist. They thought it was a funny joke. BUt they didn’t realize the “joke” was based on racist stereotypes and was offensive.

Don’t post a lot of posts in a row. Spread things out…

And lastly: Don’t be in a big hurry. If you’ve folded something good (and taken a good photo), don’t hide it by uploading it with a typo-filled description that took you 2 seconds to write. If you type “ths iz jaba” then anyone who searches for “jabba” is going to miss it. Keywords work on this site just like hashtags. If you folded Jabba then write “Jabba” and people will be able to find it!