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Paper Airplanes with The Paper Airplane Guy

I had such a great time last night throwing planes around on a nice, late summer evening! I want to encourage all of you to get out there and do some throwing, too.

As you may know, Harvey’s Darth Flyer airplane isn’t much of an airplane.
And the basic glider and dart are boring like linoleum flooring!

So, Ghost Obi Wan suggests that you seek out the Jedi Master of Paper Airplanes, John Collins. You’ll find him on YouTube, but let me also suggest his fantastic book!

John Collins set the world record with a plane named Suzanne. It’s a plane I really want to memorize and get good at folding. It’s not really all that hard to fold an acceptable version of it and Collins has been nice enough to put his instructions on Youtube. Right here. You may also want to watch the video of them setting the world record…. it’s amazing!

Collins has done another video showing the Nakamura Lock AND how to tweak it.

Paper airplanes…. all about the tweaking they are!