Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

New Q&A June 2, 2015


Does anyone know Tom’s address?


Origami Yoda

c/o Abrams/Amulet Books

115 W 18th ST

New York NY 10011

Warning: It can take a LONG time to get an answer. Six months or more.

I genuinely want to apologize for the amount of time it takes for people to get an answer. I really hope to speed things up!



SuperFolder SuperfolderGojira

1.You answered my question already on where you get green/brown origami paper but not where you get your other paper. Where?

Most of my folding is with copy paper. When I need origami paper, I like to pick up a pack of 100 different colors at Michaels.

It’s available many places online. Looks like this: http://www.theorigamipapershop.com/p-914-tant-origami-paper-100-color-pack-6.aspx

2.Do you play video games?

Yep, I was just over at my friend Michael Hemphill’s the other night playing James Bond. (Love the game, not the movies…)

3.How do you come up with so much instructions just from thinking on how to make them?

Not thinking! Folding, experimenting, making mistakes, starting over, tweaking….

4. Could you show us how to fold the cover art 2 d2? Yes, it’s on the How To Fold Page

5. Could you also show us how to fold the cover jabba the puppet? This is just like what’s on the How to Fold page, but you need to create and extra set of pleats (just make two mouths) for the eyes.

6. How did you start to like origami? My mom showed me a paper cup when I was about 4.


SuperFolder Jessenia

1. Do you miss live chats? Good chats? Yes, I REALLY DO!
2. Would you ever adopt a pineapple? I’ve already adopted so many rutabagas, there’s no room left.
3. I saw a comment by you on the back of a magazine! How do you feel about that? I’m happy about it. Not sure if it helped them sell that book (Planet Tad) but maybe it will….
4. Will the world ever know the toothpaste that you use? NEVER!



What is your favorite Batman movie? Hmmm… none?

Who is your favorite clone trooper? Fives!

Do you have any pets? Yep! Two dogs, right now. Tuna and Esso. Maybe I’ll add a picture of them to this page….

Can you write a comic strip about willy the walking waffle? Sure, but one reason I made Willy so easy to draw was so that anyone could write a comic strip about him. So… Will YOU make one and submit it?


SuperFolder sf_c3p0

1) Are you allowed to tell us what you’re favorite FLAVOR of toothpaste? If so, what is it? No, I’m not allowed to divulge that information.

2) I’m in the middle of writing a cool book! AWESOME!!!!

3) What college would you recommend going to if I were wanting to be a book author? I really don’t know…. I went to William and Mary, but I’m not sure how much that helped me get a job writing Star Wars books….

4) What type of job(s) would you recommend getting in the future? Get a job where things change. Like when I was a reporter, I often got to do something brand new. But when I was the coleslaw maker at Cracker Barrel, it was cole slaw every single day….

5) Are you planning on going to Washing State or Oregon anytime soon? Possible trip this fall. Stay tuned…