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From SF OreoCookie

1. What is your favorite cookie?
Oatmeal Raisin WITH chocolate chips

2. Do you have any pets?
Yes! Right now we have two dogs, Tuna and Esso.

3. What is your favorite book you have ever written?
Well, Origami Yoda is the book that changed my life! It was fun to write and has been a lot of fun ever since!

4. Would you rather give Jabba the Hutt a sponge bath or spend a year hanging over the Sarlacc pit?
Giving Jabba the Hutt a sponge bath would be a noble deed that would benefit the whole galaxy, so I’ll do it.

5. Why can you not tell us your toothpaste?
I can’t tell you yhat either/

6. Have you ever done any jounalism?
Yes, I was a reporter/columnist for 15 years!!! That experience directly inspired the Qwikpick books.

7. What’s your favorite place you’ve ever traveled to?
That’s tough… London was amazing, I love visiting New York, Yellowstone is incredible. Closer to home, I love to hike the Rock Castle Gorge near the Blue Ridge Parkway. 11 miles and about 2-3 of that is a STEEP climb.

SuperFolder MasterJonah
Tom are you going to go to the Phillipines? I want you to go there.

That is farther than I’ve ever travelled! Is it a cool place? I don’t have any plans to go there now, but… who knows!?!


SF JediJoey
1. Do you watch Teen Titans Go? No.
2.If so, who is your favorite character? If not, why AREN’T you watching it? I don’t think I get that show/channel.
3.In case you didn’t know, SW7 comes out Dec.18 Can’t Wait!!!!
4.What is your favorite piece of origami? Cover Yoda
5.Have you got my letter yet? Not sure…. I am – as usual – six months behind. But I think I recall seeing your letter and drawing you a picture….


SF Rotta

do you like jar jar binks? Yes and No. I thought he was great in that Clone Wars episode with Mace Windu!

are you looking forward to episode 7? Of course!!!

did you do any of the things dwight did when you were his age? Oh, yes!

SF SuperChief
Tom, will you ever remember how to fold the cover Yoda? Also, will you continue the Origami Yoda series?
1) Probably not. In fact, I’m not really trying to. Sfs are figuring it out on their own.
2) Maybe… but not right now. Right now, I,m working on Qwikpick 3 and promoting the Return of the Jedi novel that comes out Sept. 22.