Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

Rat with a Human Face! Next Showcase + Name in a Book Contest + Megadoodle Voting all in one!

What does the Rat with the Human Face really look like???

You may notice that the artist was careful to hide the face on the cover!

So, it’s up to YOU to draw your own picture of the RAT WITH THE HUMAN FACE.

Draw or other wise create a picture and submit it with the word RAT in the title. AND in your post, tell me what you want me to draw in the next megadoodle. I will draw the request of EVERYONE who enters the showcase. (Unless its inappropriate or something, of course.)

AND I’ll pick ONE winner and their name will be somewhere in the NEXT Qwikpick book!!!

The deadline is April 20, because the Showcase will go up on April 21, release day for Qwikpick 2: Rat with the Human Face!